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Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita…


The modern, electronic world has changed our life considerably. While previously people shared their thoughts, feelings and experiences with diaries and a few, close friends, we nowadays are more open using twitter, facebook and blogs.

I resisted this trend for about 5 years, stubbornly ignoring my friends’ invite to join facebook and follow their updates; now, as a middle-aged woman (:o) I feel generally more open to share whatsoever comes across in my life. This greater openness surely has to do with the fading fear about what others might think about me.

What I like about writing in general and blogging in particular could be summarized as follows:

1. It helps sorting thoughts. Whenever I try to understand something, putting it into words and structuring it gives me a clear perspective of my thoughts.

2. Blogging encourages interaction with others. Topics that interest us can be widely shared, adding new aspects brought in by others. By blogging we can reach people worldwide which we might not have achieved otherwise.

3. “Blog about it and then let it go!” is an uplifting way to deal with difficult experiences. Several authors have stated that writing helped them overcome childhood traumas and other unpleasant occurrences in their life. “My sentiments exactly!”

Some people state that social media are mainly for emotional exhibitionists and narcissists. I agree that some courage is necessary to step out of one’s comfort zone and share by way of social media, but by no means should they be considered solely a platform for the vain. Also, I found out that many of the experiences I thought were very personal and unique, were in fact similar to what others had experienced as well. Only by sharing I came to know!

Human experiences, hopes and fears are similar. There are cultural differences to some extent, but overall they revolve around the following:

1. Marriage/Family

2. Work/Career/Making a living

3. Health/Beauty/Emotional Wellbeing

4. Friendships/Hobbies/Work-Life-Balance

5. Safety/Security (on personal and national level)

6. Religion/Spiritual growth/How to live happily/Finding one’s life’s calling

I plan to blog on all these topics as they come to my mind.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading through!