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Declaration of Love to the Children and the Parents of this World


Here I tried an adaptation of Bettina Wegner’s song lyrics “Kinder” (“Children”). Please listen to the original at the end of the text.


They have tiny hands
With fingers so little
We must never beat them
They may break, so brittle.

Are such tiny feet
With toes so slight
We must never step on them
They won’t grow up right.

They have such small ears
So sharp and so clear
We must never shout at them,
Make’em fear what they hear.

With such lovely mouths
Talk straight, not round about
We must never shut’em up
Fear the truth, it comes out.

They have such clear eyes
They allow everything,
We must not blindfold them
Nor block sight of good things.

They are such small souls
So open and so free,
We must never torment them
Lose this treasure’s key.

They have such a small spine
Not defined yet or clear.
Must never bend or break it
It’ll bring them to tear.

Straight and clear people
Would be a nice goal.
Hence people with no backbone
We’ve too many to behold.

The German Original: